KD8MST 444.100

The KD8MST 100 repeater is a Motorola MTR2000  repeater that modified with a Zimmerman STM32-DVM (MMDVM) and a Raspberry Pi 3 that is configured for Brandmeister DMR. This repeater is located at the Muskingum County EMA at 120FT on a 150 FT  tower.

ID: 310291

Frequency: 444.100/449.100

Color Code: 2

Time Sots: TS1 & TS2

Location: Zanesville, OH Muskingum County

Ground Elevation: 966FT

Elevation with tower: 1086FT

ERP: 60 Watts

PTT TKGRP: Yes ~15 Mins.

Static Talkgroups per Time Slot

TS1: 3139, 31393, 310297, 310323, 313985

TS2: 313938