AC8GI Johnstown UHF

The AC8GI Johnstown UHF repeater is a Motorola XPR8400 repeater that is configured for Brandmeister DMR. This repeater is located in Johnstown Ohio on a 80 Ft. tower.

ID: 310372

Frequency: 444.850/449.850

Color Code: 7

Time Sots: TS1 & TS2

Location: Johnstown, OH Licking County

Ground Elevation: 1130FT

Elevation with tower: 1210FT


PTT TKGRP: Yes ~15 Mins.

Static Talkgroups Per Time Slot


3139 (OHIO Statewide)

31399 (OHIO Link YSF)

310291 (KD8MST 444.100)

310297 (KD8MST 442.075)

310323 (KD8MST 442.050)

313982 (AC8GI VHF)

313985 (AC8GI UHF)


31685 (Licking County Skywarn)

313938 (N8OJ)