This website will consist of plans for planes that seem to be scattered all over the internet, we will make an attempt to sort the plans out into category’s.  If you don’t see a set of plans that you like then maybe we haven’t added them yet, you are welcome to shoot us an E-Mail to see if we even have the plans. You can also shoot us an E-Mail and submit your plans to us. This is meant to be a repository of sorts for plans, please keep in mind we do have day jobs and cannot work on this all the time. Also keep in mind that we will only be posting plans that are FREE and readily available on the internet, our goal is to have loads and loads of plans all in one place! plans could consist of several types of files, including but not limited to: .svg .dxf .stl .pdf .gco etc. Please contact us with any questions.

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the plans contained in this website (unless otherwise noted), where possible we will give credit to the designer!